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Movie Review
by RL Williams
Joshua Movie
   Joshua is one of those rare modern movies that doesn't have to resort to violence or elaborate special effects to maintain audience attention. This diamond in the Hollywood rough is simple yet multi-level in both character and plot.

   The main character, Joshua, portrayed effectively by Tony Goldwyn, arrives in the small town of Auburn as a stranger who quickly develops a natural flowing rapport with most of the townspeople. Conflicts arise with a local Catholic Father played by Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham, who is religiously rigid and afraid of the new stranger's growing following.

   Kurt Fuller plays the assistant priest, Father Pat, who is enjoyable because of his humor and his developing openness to confront his own personal obstacles.

   Joshua's power is not just in his words but also in his humble actions and helping hands offered to the locals. His "help others for nothing in return" attitude is misunderstood and what people don't understand they often fear. Move beyond that fear and the big picture becomes clear. The Catholic Father and his assistant both come to that crossroad.

   This is not a fire-and-brimstone movie, rather, it is just the opposite. Joshua makes the powerful point that God is about love and not about fear, reinforcing this by proclaiming the Bible a love letter.

   The musical soundtrack is peppered with songs from several noted artists including Michael W. Smith, Jaci Velasquez, Mark Schultz, Point of Grace, and Third Day. The music adds much to the overall warmth and spirit of the movie theme.

   This is a movie that refreshes the Soul and does it with genuine character. It is suitable for the entire family and if someone is looking for the spirit of God that is relevant to today's world, Joshua hits the mark.
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