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New Children's Album Lullaby Released
Michael's new children's album titled Lullaby is now available. From michaelwsmith.com:


Multi-Platinum, three-time Grammy® Award winning artist, best-selling author and acclaimed actor Michael W. Smith launches Nurturing Steps™, a new infant and toddler series with a simple mission to provide parents and grandparents with music and books to enliven a young child’s journey with hope and faith through song and storytelling.

The first new album, Lullaby, and book, Nighty Night and Good Night, from Nurturing Steps release May 4 and May 8 through The Fuel Music and Zonderkidz™ respectfully. These projects also mark the first-ever children’s album and book by Michael, each crafted in collaboration with renowned VeggieTales co-creator Mike Nawrocki. The book is available now to preorder through NurturingSteps.com or favorite online retailers.

“One of the greatest joys of my life is being a parent and a grandparent,” says Michael, the father of five, who is called “G-Daddy” by his 14 grandkids. “I want to serve the next generation well. That’s why I created Nurturing Steps, to provide stories and songs that will help shape the faith of our newest generation.”

For Lullaby, Michael meaningfully arranges his worldwide hits like “Agnus Dei” and “Friends” along with new ballads “No More Crying,” “Sleep Tight” and more, and leads an audio bedtime drama for young children with the Nighty Night characters. The Nighty Nights also join Michael as his band with Bear on Guitar, Lamby on Keys and Sleepy Puppy on Upright Base.

In Nighty Night and Good Night, members of the Nighty Night band are further called upon to help their friend, Ben, as he tries to fall asleep. After bedtime prayers and some going-to-sleep rituals are done, a lullaby sung by the band of animals including Bear, Sleepy Puppy and Lamby finally does the trick.

“I have wonderful memories of reading, singing and praying with my children before bed,” says Nawrocki. “It can be a sacred time with our little ones, and I’m thrilled to be able to partner with Michael to create stories that parents and grandparents can use to help pass important values on to their children and grandchildren.”

Known as one of the most influential Christian music artists in the world, Michael recently performed “A Million Lights” and “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” from his 5-star-aclaimed albums A Million Lights and Surrounded respectively on ABC-TV’s Good Morning America. He has also recently been featured by USA Today, Billboard, TBN, FOX News, CBN, Parade, Yahoo! Music and many more outlets as these albums became his 30th and 31st Top 10 hits on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart, more than any other solo artist in history.

Taking the new music and fan favorites from his extensive repertoire on the road internationally, Michael begins his “Israel Tour 2018” next week before continuing his “Sounded By A Million Lights World Tour” that is traversing the eastern half of the US this spring prior to wrapping up May 13 in Joplin, MO. Already seeing packed venues, this full-production tour is being presented by Compassion International and features special guest Nathan Tasker.

Even in the midst of his busy schedule, Michael makes time for his children and grandchildren and treasures the special moments he has to speak into their lives.

“I hope they see these books and this music as a gift to them, to remember that they are loved as they fall asleep every night,” says Michael.

Following the release of Lullaby and Nighty Night and Good Night, additional Nurturing Steps titles releasing this fall will be announced.

Lullaby Album

Buy Lullaby from Amazon
Buy Lullaby from iTunes

04 May 2018

Love Always Wins Music Video Released
From michaelwsmith.com: 'GOOD FRIDAY! Today we remember that LOVE ALWAYS WINS. As a gift in celebration of this weekend, Michael W. Smith is releasing the lyric video for his song Love Always Wins off his new album A Million Lights.'

Love Always Wins Video

Love Always Wins Music Video

30 March 2018

Michael To Release New Children's Book
Michael will be releasing a new children's book in May titled Nighty Night and Good Night. It is available now from Amazon.

From Amazon's description: 'This book includes a link that allows readers to listen to Michael W. Smith sing the same lullaby that helps put Ben to sleep. Founded by Michael W. Smith, Nurturing Steps is an infant and toddler series of children’s music and books with a simple mission to enliven a child’s journey with hope and faith through music and storytelling. The cover of Nighty Night and Good Night includes an adorable image of the Nighty Nights and a title that shines with foil.'

Nighty Night and Good Night Book

Order Book from Amazon

22 March 2018

Update: -  5/8/2018 Now Available

Michael Performs SURROUNDED and A Million Lights on ABC GMA
Michael appeared on ABC's Good Morning America today and performed SURROUNDED and A Million Lights. See a replay of them at the links below.

Michael performs on ABC Good Morning America

Michael Performs SURROUNDED on Good Morning America

Michael Performs A Million Lights on Good Morning America

13 March 2018

TBN Interview With Michael About New Albums
Michael's in-depth interview by Matt and Laurie Crouch on TBN's Praise program discusses his two new albums A Million Lights and SURROUNDED and other background subjects.

TBN Praise Interview 2018

A Million Lights and SURROUNDED Interview on TBN

27 February 2018

Surrounded By Worship Interview
Calvin Nowell interviews Michael: 'In this episode, we chat with Multi-Platinum, three-time Grammy® Award winning artist, best-selling author and actor Michael W. Smith about his career and life experience in worship music as well as discuss his newest worship release, Surrounded. Watch and listen as he shares about his heart for worship as well as his hope of the music industry as it relates to worship music.'

Surrounded By Worship Interview

Surrounded By Worship Interview

25 February 2018

SURROUNDED Album Released
Michael's new album SURROUNDED has been released and is now available from Amazon and iTunes.

A Million Lights

Buy SURROUNDED from Amazon
Buy SURROUNDED from iTunes

23 February 2018

Reverend Billy Graham Passes Away at 99
The Reverend Dr. Billy Graham passed away Wednesday at his home at the age of 99. Below is a link to Michael's 2013 music video Take Me Home tribute to Dr. Graham. Also included below is a link to Michael's message today about Billy Graham from michaelwsmith.com

Rest in Peace Dr Billy Graham

Take Me Home Music Video Tribute

Michael's Message About Billy from michaelwsmith.com

21 February 2018

A Million Lights Album Released
Michael's new album A Million Lights, has been released and is now available from Amazon and iTunes.

A Million Lights

Buy A Million Lights from Amazon
Buy A Million Lights from iTunes

16 February 2018

A Million Lights Album Premier Billboard Article
Check out this A Million Lights album article from Billboard. It includes free streaming of the new album for a limited time.

Michael W. Smith A Million Lights Billboard Atticle

A Million Lights Billboard Article

14 February 2018

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