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Reverend Billy Graham Passes Away at 99
The Reverend Dr. Billy Graham passed away Wednesday at his home at the age of 99. Below is a link to Michael's 2013 music video Take Me Home tribute to Dr. Graham. Also included below is a link to Michael's message today about Billy Graham from michaelwsmith.com

Rest in Peace Dr Billy Graham

Take Me Home Music Video Tribute

Michael's Message About Billy from michaelwsmith.com

21 February 2018

A Million Lights Album Released
Michael's new album A Million Lights, has been released and is now available from Amazon and iTunes.

A Million Lights

Buy A Million Lights from Amazon
Buy A Million Lights from iTunes

16 February 2018

A Million Lights Album Premier Billboard Article
Check out this A Million Lights album article from Billboard. It includes free streaming of the new album for a limited time.

Michael W. Smith A Million Lights Billboard Atticle

A Million Lights Billboard Article

14 February 2018

Surrounded By A Million Lights World Tour Announced
The Surrounded By A Million Lights World Tour has been announced and several concert dates have been set with more to follow. Click the link below for concert dates.

Michael W. Smith Surrounded By A Million Lights World Tour

Surrounded By A Million Lights World Tour Concert Dates

25 January 2018

New Song Revolution Premiers
Revolution, another new song from Michael's upcoming album A Million Lights, has been unveiled. Hear it in the article at the link below.

Hear Revolution
25 January 2018

Crashing Waves Music Video Released
Michael W. Smith has released a new music video, Crashing Waves.

From Michaelwsmith.com

Excited to Premiere another new song from one of the two upcoming albums. This one from A MILLION LIGHTS. ‘Crashing Waves’ is a new pop / worship song about the transformation that a life undergoes when we look to God, acknowledge our brokenness and give our heart to Jesus.

Watch the Crashing Waves Music Video
16 January 2018

New Live Worship Album SURROUNDED Coming 2/23
Michael will release a new live Worship album titled SURROUNDED on Friday, February 23rd.

From Michaelwsmith.com


As many of you know, Michael W. Smith will be releasing a new album, titled A MILLION LIGHTS on Friday, February 16th. However, A MILLION LIGHTS isn’t what this special announcement is about… it’s about another album. On Friday, February 23rd, Michael will release a LIVE Worship Album, titled SURROUNDED. Scroll down to learn more about the album, see the cover, and track list.

Watch the first music video from SURROUNDED TODAY. The first song is the title track: Surrounded (Fight My Battles).

Here are some words from Michael about this project:

"The thought of doing another live worship project has been something I have processed for a while now. The question I have asked myself most is not so much what do I want to do, but what do I need to do. What do WE need to do as His church and as His children? What expression of worship does He desire from us… have we missed something? The reality is, it is not the style of our expression He is concerned with, it is the heart.

He wants our honesty. He wants our vulnerability. He wants us to come to him as we are, not as we want to be. I feel God moving through His church and He is calling us TOGETHER…. to be one voice and one heart. One bride.

Every nation, every tribe, and every tongue. Every social class. Every denomination. Let’s get together and rejoice! In what He has done, what He is doing, and what He has yet to do."

We’ll be explaining a lot more to you all about these two albums over the coming weeks and months, but for now enjoy the first song, SURROUNDED (Fight My Battles) and read the full song list below.

Album Song List:
Your House
Light To You
King of My Heart
Reckless Love
Here I Bow
Do It Again
Surrounded (Fight My Battles)
Build My Life
Washed Away
Great Are You Lord
Light To You (Reprise)

A Million Lights

Buy SURROUNDED from Amazon
Buy SURROUNDED from iTunes

24 December 2017

Update: -  23 February 2018 The SURROUNDED Album is now available

Surrounded (Fight My Battles) Music Video Coming 12/24
From Michaelwsmith.com:
"SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! We are so excited to share the news that Michael W. Smith will be releasing the music video for the song, 'Surrounded (Fight My Battles)' on Christmas Eve. On top of this video premiere, we have another special announcement to share with all of you. Be sure to check your email or tune into any of Michael's social media outlets to be the first to hear about the big news! December 24th at 10:00am Central Time."

See Surrounded (Fight My Battles) Music Video Here

Michael W. Smith Official Website

Michael W. Smith FOL Facebook Group

23 December 2017

Behind The Scenes of A Million Lights Music Video
Take a behind the scenes look at the making of the A Million Lights music video.
Behind the Scenes A Million Lights

Behind the Scenes of A Million Lights Music Video

17 November 2017

New Song Love Always Wins Released
The second song from the upcoming album A Million Lights has been released. Love Always Wins is now available for preview at the link below. The full album is due out in early 2018.
A Million Lights

Listen to Love Always Wins

09 November 2017

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