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Wonder Worship and Blessings Tour Underway
The Wonder Worship and Blessings Tour with Michael W. Smith has started with over a dozen cities set to see the tour during March and April. For more information check out the tour page:

Tour Information

25 March 2011

Message from Michael W. Smith About the Disaster in Japan
One week ago, tonight, a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami slammed into Japan. At the time we all knew the devastation would be massive but I don't think that any of us knew just how bad it has, and still could, become.

My family and I are watching the reports come in about the nuclear reactors, the missing people, and the pain of a nation; while also being moved by reports of the relief workers and all of the heroes who are working and putting themselves in harms way.

These volunteers and relief organizations are already on the ground. Working. Building. Rebuilding. Praying.

Like so many of you we are asking the questions: 'Where is the greatest need and how can we help meet it?'

We've asked that question to our friends at Samaritan's Purse ( http://ar.gy/helpjapan ), they are some of the 'first-responders' when a disaster strikes. And there are quite simply 2 answers that they gave us:

* Prayer:
People are suffering with the loss of family members and all of their worldly possessions. Where there was once plenty of clean water, food, and shelter - there is now none. Please pray for peace for these people and that they be able to reach the places where services are being restored and that they will be safe as they begin what will be a very long recovery.

Relief workers are putting themselves in harms way to be there and serve people and the communities in need. They have left their own families to give so much. Please pray for these workers that they be blessed by their selfless service and be kept safe as they serve.

* Financial Giving: http://ar.gy/helpjapan
While so many of us wish we could just jump on an airplane and go serve with our hands & feet, the relief organizations are busy working to set-up safe places where service can take place - that is simply not an option and in many cases not safe or helpful during times immediately following a disaster of this scope.

All of the infrastructure to serve and resources needed to make their way to Japan costs money. While organizations like Samaritan's Purse continue to serve rebuilding efforts in Haiti (please continue to remember them in prayer), their resources can get spread thin as they serve such great needs.

Please think about giving something extra. Skip a cup of coffee today, maybe eat one less meal out, and take that money and give it to Samaritan's Purse (you can designate it for Japan Relief here). If you can give more great, but just give what you can; even if all you can give is your prayers take some time daily and do that.

Learn more about what Samaritan's Purse is doing on the ground: http://ar.gy/helpjapan

Click here to give now: http://ar.gy/helpjapan

The Red Cross ( http://www.redcross.org/ ), Samaritan's Purse ( http://ar.gy/helpjapan ), and so many other wonderful organizations are all working hard to respond please make sure that you lift them up in prayer!.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. We truly appreciate you supporting the people of Japan in this time of such significant need.

See you all on the road soon!

Blessings to you,
Michael W. Smith

Please share, retweet, repost, copy/paste... just help spread the word.

17 March 2011

Update: -  Editor's Note: Samaritan's Purse is an excellent charity to donate to...

Wonder Worship and Blessings Tour Starts March 25th
The Wonder Worship and Blessings Tour with Michael W. Smith is set to begin on March 25th in Arvada Colorado. The March and April tour will stop in several U.S. cities. For more information check out the tour page:

Tour Information

10 March 2011

2 Friends Tour Comes to an End
The nationwide 2 Friends Tour has ended with the last concert in Lancaster, PA. There are some additional 2 Friends concert dates scheduled for later this year which may be expanded to include more cities. Next up for Michael is the Wonder, Worship & Blessings Tour which begins March 25th in Arvada Colorado.

Concert and Tour Information

2 Friends Concert Review

2 Friends Concert Photos

06 March 2011

2 Friends Concert Review
Check out my review of the 2 Friends concert held in Jacksonville Florida on February 16th:

2 Friends Concert Review

22 February 2011

Two New Grandchildren for Michael
Michael has two new grandchildren, born within a few days of each other. Esther Ayana Smith was born Wednesday evening (2/16/2011) to son Tyler and Sarah. Elam Thomas Smith was born on Sunday to son Ryan and Patti. Congratulations to Michael and the families involved!
20 February 2011

2 Friends Concert Photos
Check out the photos from the 2 Friends concert in Jacksonville Florida on February 16th:

2 Friends Concert Photos

17 February 2011

Michael's New Book A Simple Blessing Now Available
Michael's new book A Simple Blessing: The Extraordinary Power of an Ordinary Prayer is now available. For more information or to order A Simple Blessing click the link below:

A Simple Blessing Book Information

15 February 2011

Welcome Home Video In Production
Michael is working on a video for Welcome Home, an extraordinary song from the Wonder album. Welcome Home is one of those songs that is destined to touch a lot of lives and be around for a long time. Many will see Welcome Home as the sequel to Michael's everlasting song Friends. Check out the song clip of Welcome Home on the Wonder album below. Welcome Home is the sixth track on the album:

Song Clips

09 February 2011

2 Friends Tour Underway and Initial Comments Very Positive
The 2 Friends Tour featuring Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant has started. Comments by those attending the first sold-out concerts have been very positive and indicate that this is a concert not to be missed. Check out the tour cities and dates to see if the 2 Friends Tour is coming to a location near you. For more information check out the tour page:

Tour Information

07 February 2011

Update: -  07 Februray 2011: Editor's Note: If you have an opportunity to go to this concert, make it a "must" and go! From the comments and set lists reported at the initial concerts, it will be an amazing night and you will not be disappointed. Watch for my full review of the 2 Friends Tour coming soon...

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